Carpet Cleaning





Carpet Cleaning

Pure Duct Systems has the experience and commitment to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service possible. Knowing that our technicians are professionally trained and IICRC certified can put your mind at ease. We work hard to create custom cleaning packages in order to suit your specific needs. Our technicians make sure to demonstrate the various cleaning methods available so the best option for you can be chosen. Such options include: carpet sanitizing, odor removal, pet stains,preconditioning, and carpet protectors.

Upholstery Cleaning

Heavily used furniture like sofas and chairs can have stains from food, pets, or the out doors that build up over time. Likewise, they may have funny pet odors that linger. Instead of simply adding deodorants, Pure Duct Systems will use specially-geared products to remove those smells from your furniture.
Remember – not all chairs are the same! Pure Duct Systems’ experienced professionals will inspect your furniture and use the right product to prevent any damage to the material. Our equipment is also gentle on furniture, and designed to reach deep inside folds and corners. For this reason, we encourage people to use upholstery cleaning professionals rather than try to clean it themselves. After all, isn’t your furniture worth it?
Just like in carpet cleaning, we will pre-treat stains on your furniture before a complete cleaningof its entire surface. For pet stains and odors, we apply a pH-balanced cleaner to neutralize them.Unlike most carpets, however, furniture takes a much lighter and gentler touch.
As a precaution, we encourage you to have us apply a protective treatment to your furniture asbarrier to future stains and dirt.

Rug Cleaning

Our professional cleaners assess the type of rug you have, taking into consideration factors likewhat material it is made from, any stains that are present, and the type of foot traffic it sees inorder to identify the best way to get it clean. First, we apply a spot treatment to any stains or blemishes on your carpet with a remover. Then,your carpet is steam-cleaned, and finally air vacuumed. If you’re concerned about a quick turn-around time, we can use a dry carpet cleaning method that relies on very low moisture systems.This means you can get back to enjoying your clean surroundings sooner!
At Pure Duct Systems, we also specialize in the treatment of handmade rugs such as: Persianrugs, Indian rugs, Egyptian rugs, and silk rugs. The process takes approximately 7-14 days. All of the cleaning is done by hand and preformed in a closed warehouse to ensure proper cleaning techniques.


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