Air Duct Cleaning






Over time, air ducts become infested with large amounts of dust and other pollutants that reduce your indoor air quality. At Pure Duct Systems, we recommend routine HVAC system inspection and cleaning in order to increase circulation and reduce allergy inducing contaminates within your space. Whether the building is residential, commercial, or industrial, we guarantee our cleaning methods will optimize the efficiency of your heating/cooling system so that you may continue to breathe in clean air. Conditions in every building vary and depending on several factors. If any of the conditions below apply to your home or office, then it’s time to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned!

Such factors include:

* Smokers regularly occupy the home or business
* Pets shed large amounts of hair or dander
* Water or smoke damage is present
* Previous damage to the HVAC system has occurred
* Home renovations or remodeling created dusty conditions
* You are moving into a new or previously occupied home
* Pollen and allergy-producing flora exists around the home
* You live in a hot and humid climate or a dry climate
* Duct work consists of fiberglass-lined ducts or metal duct work

The benefits of air duct cleaning are numerous: improved dust reduction and circulation,
increased efficiency of your HVAC system, and reduced allergen levels within the home. Our
technicians utilize the Viper Whip Method and other commercial grade equipment to clean your air duct vents. We move contaminants out of the vents and your home, guaranteeing a holistic cleaning that most other duct cleaners cannot provide. At Pure Duct Systems, we understand that the decision to service the HVAC system may be a new and confusing process for many home and business owners. It may even seem that every air duct cleaning company has their own special money-making gimmick, further complicating the research and comparison process for you. As Chicagoland’s most trusted air duct cleaning professional, we believe in informed service.Our website contains many links to help you navigate the landmine field of up-charging, add-ons, and additional charges that many air duct cleaners hide in the fine print of their advertisements. Our trained and trusted Pure Duct Systems representatives are available and prepared to answer any questions about your HVAC system at all times.

We recognize that air duct cleaning research poses a complicated problem, but don’t worry.
Trust in Pure Duct Systems and we will turn your homes complicated problem into a simple,
comprehensive solution. We offer both residential and commercial air duct cleaning services.


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